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How to Properly Shave your Body

Personal grooming has come a long way from where it began. To many people, it no longer involves the use of just a simple razor blade or basic electric shaver. Since feeling clean and smooth all over the body is so important to a lot of people, a huge amount of time and money has been invested into researching the best ways to do this. In turn, shaving systems have been becoming more and more sophisticated in a very short time.

A lot of shavers only focus on genital hair removal. In reality, you can use them on almost any part of your body. The shaver is best used when you take it slow. To get the best possible shave, we recommend that you leave yourself some time, especially at the beginning, to listen and learn to how the shaver works. Going allows you to safely get all the hair you want removed with minimal to no irritation at all.

Here is some of the important advice you’ll ever get about shaving. Each section of body hair grows in its own direction. Learn these direction. If you don’t want any ingrown hairs, and really, who wants to, you should always cut in the direction of the hair growth. That means since your hair grows in a downward direction on your leg, you will also shave in a downward direction along with it. This will tremendously help the re-growth come in as fine hairs and will help to prevent those nasty ingrown hairs that may pop up during the next few days.

Always make sure your skin is dry before you begin. It’s better to shave before a shower. If you do notice any dampness in the area you’re about the shave, dry it with a towel and then use a bit of your favourite powder to absorb any moisture that may still be there.


How to Shave Bikini Line / Area

There are many techniques to help give the look you want. In the realm of bikini lines there can be a problem with ingrown hairs, razor burn and horrible rashes, along with shaving too much or not shaving enough, the razor slipping out of your hand and the occasional cut. Using a personal trimmer can not only eliminate painful issues, but also ensures an easier time making the bikini line you dream about.

Shaving a bikini line means shaving the area that is visible just outside your bikini. Some people prefer this style instead of shaving the whole pubic area. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

Using The Main Trimmer To Do 95% Of The Work

Start by using the Main Trimmer. This will do 95% of the work for you to trim back most of the hair. When you first start to use the Ultimate Personal Shaver, there will be a small learning curve. Since everyone’s different, the amount of shaving required to trim your hair down to the stubble using the Main Trimmer attachment will vary from person to person.

Note: Sometimes you may need to use the Main Trimmer and the Finishing Head back and forth with each other since the hair may not be short enough for the Finishing Head to work after you have finished using the Main Trimmer.

The Finishing Head Gives You That Silky Smooth Finish

Before you begin using the Finishing Head, save yourself from future irritation and use your favourite powder on the shaving area to let the Ultimate Personal Shaver glide freely and smoothly over your skin. When you begin, make sure you use short, slow movements with and against the direction of the hair growth.

Touch Up With The Precision Trimmer

We’d suggest putting on your bikini after you’ve completed shaving. It’s always good to check to make sure you got your lines right. If there were any missed areas, simply pull back the bikini edge a little and use the Precision Trimmer to touch it up.

How to Shave Your Genitals and Bum

Pubes, bush, and pubic hair are just some of the terms used to describe hair found on and around your genitals. This is most likely the main reason, if not the only one, that you bought (or are thinking about buying) the Ultimate Personal Shaver in the first place. So it only makes sense to start here. Genital hair goes by a lot of different names. It’s understandable that some people are a bit nervous when shaving around the labia, vagina, penis and scrotum. When you have the right tools, it’s really nothing to worry about. With the Ultimate Personal Shaver, there is the added piece of mind that since this main purpose of these units are to shave your pubic hairs, that’s exactly what it’s meant to do; shave your hair, not cut your skin. As long as you take it slowly, pull the skin taut for a more even surface, and follow all of the included directions, you’ll be on your way to having silky smooth and touchable skin in no time!

Vaginal and Labial Area: The hair in this area usually grows in several different ways. The easiest thing to do is to divide the trimming into sections: pubic mound (the area right above the labia), the outside and the inside of each labia. Depending on the person, this can sometimes be a damp area. Before you begin shaving, it’s best to wipe the area with a cloth to dry up any moisture and use some powder to get rid of any leftover dampness. This will ensure a more even trim.

At this point, you have to decide whether you want to style, completely shave, use a stencil (there are detailed shaving instructions for the stencils included with every kit), or simply trim back the area a little.

Whichever attachment you use, remember these key points for the best results.

  • Use short, slow movements. It isn’t a race.
  • Give yourself enough opportunity to take your time. If you don’t think you have enough, do it some other chance you get.
  • Liberally use your favourite powder for less irritation

Penis and Scrotum: If possible, you will get the best shave if your penis is semi-erect. It may seem like a strange thing to say, but it really does help to make all the hair visible. Again, the skin needs to be dry, so add a little powder to the hair you are going to shave. Break the trimming into sections: the base of your penis, the rest of the groin area where you have hair growing above your penis, top of shaft, under the shaft and finally, each scrotum.

This part is important! With the scrotum, it is crucial to keep the skin tight. This is easily done by lightly pinching the base of the scrotum carefully pulling down a little bit, one side at a time. As the hair doesn’t grow the same, you will be trimming individual hairs instead of sections. Go slowly.

The Bum:  Not many people will admit to having a hairy bum, but everyone has hair there at one point or another. You may have to use a mirror to do this, otherwise it can be tricky. For women it is usually a patch that is around outside of the anus. This area is easily shaved using the Main Trimmer.

Let’s be honest, most men much more hair than women, so they’ll have a little more work to do. For them, it’s best to break it down into sections also using the Main Trimmer. As you get nearer to the anus, take once side at a time so that you’re able to shave it in halves, pulling the skin as taut as possible for each shaving pass.

For both women and men, after the hair has been trimmed down to stubble, the next step is to apply a liberal amount of shaving powder and use the Finishing Head to really smooth out the area. Use short passes, don’t press down too hard, and listen to the hair being shaved. You’ll know you’re finished when you no longer hear hair being cut.

How to Shave Armpits, Arms and Legs

Armpits:  They are very simple to shave, but are a little different than shaving in other places because the hair grows in different ways. Make sure the hair and skin are dry, pull the skin taut and trim using the Main Trimmer attachment while trying to shave along the directing of the hair growth in each area.

Arms and Legs: Both arms and legs have hair which usually grows in one direction. Shaving with the direction of the hair will ensure the hair grow back instead of coarse. It’s easiest to break the job down into sections, lower arm and upper arm, lower front leg and lower back leg and upper front leg and lower back leg. If you have shaved recently, the Finishing Head may be the only attachment that you’ll need to use since hair in this region generally doesn’t grow as fast as it does in some other areas. Before using the Finishing Head, be sure to apply your shaving powder to keep things smooth.


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